Our Programs

Although we know we can change a youth's mind, we believe that only Christ can change their heart, which is why our programs are therapeutic-based and Christ-driven. A changed mind is temporal, but a changed heart is eternal. To accomplish these foundational tenets, we offer the following programs. 

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Equip = give the necessary tools to accomplish a task

We equip families by offering tools for both parents and youth. 


Our unique training and support program for families in crisis is based on our "Lessons Learned Through the Trenches" curriculum  dealing with:

  • The Parenting Problem: What are the important issues?
  • The Veteran Voice: What have other parents learned who have experienced the same problems?
  • Simple Step Solutions: What are the basic steps that may help the family address the problems?

The R.A.W. Initiative

This after-school and weekend program is three to four months long and is designed for youth in transition who are ages 10-17. 

  • Roadways: Two-hour segments that focus on a different specific theme each time.
  • Associates: Bringing adults and youth together to share life with one another in everyday settings.
  • Work: Teaching youth to "work and give back" and "give of the fruits and gifts" of our labor.

Empower = give authority to

In the near future, we will give authority to families and youth by "sharing life together" at Charis Woods, a residential community that will provide the following: 


  • Respite: a place where families can rest up from the rigors of family life and receive encouragement through counseling and connecting.
  • Redirection: a place where families are encouraged to dream about how life can be through coaching and collaboration, guided by the resouces found in the It's-a-Parent curriculum.


  • Reconciliation: a 10- to 12-month coaching and counseling residential program for young men ages 12-17.
  • Relearning: a different kind of school experience with individually-paced education through homeschooling.
  • Redirection: a working farm/artisan vocational program for learning about hard work and life skills.
  • Restoration: mentoring and spiritual support using the TLC Mentoring Program.

Engage = give attention to

A catalyst is described as someone who causes change. Here at 4Families, we give attention to youth and families through our Catalyst Associate Program, which provides one or more of the following services to those in need.

  • Therapeutic evaluation:
  • Addiction support:
  • Referrals and recommendations:
  • Family plan development and support:
  • Youth and family counseling:
  • Life coaching:

Encourage = come alongside

We come alongside organizations who are of like-mind through: