PROFILES OF Students and familIES WHO WOULD BENEFIT From our program

Typical student profile:

  • Diagnosis of a mental health behavior issue, such as ADHD, ADD, RAD, bipolar tendencies, and/or depressive disorders
  • Demonstrating self-harming behaviors, such as cutting
    • note that we will not work with youth who have attempted suicide, except in unique circumstances
  • School suspension or problems in school
  • Lack of interest in school and/or behind in school work
  • Antisocial behavior at home and/or at school
  • Defiant behavior at home
  • Some drug use
    • note that we will not work with a student who has a drug or alcohol addiction, except in unique circumstances
  • Legal troubles, such as conviction for misdemeanors
  • Pattern of negative behaviors

Typical family profile:

  • Understanding that it is not just their youth that needs to be "fixed"
  • Being willing to do what it takes to make changes in their own lives as parents

Interview process and acceptance

An intensive interview process for the family and student will determine eligibility for the program. Realizing that we are not able to help everyone, we are particularly looking for youth who:

  • Recognize that they are in need of help, are in a downward spiral, and/or have a desire to change
  • Accept being in the program, even if begrudgingly at first

Being accepted into the R.A.W. Initiative program is a privilege. Though bad behavior is something that we address in the program, we will not tolerate any youth bringing continued disruption to the program and other students. We reserve the right to dismiss a student for such behavior and will work with the family to help recommend next steps for them.


Each youth will be assigned two mentors, all of whom have gone through an extensive application process and training program before working with students. There will always be at least two mentors with a student at all times.

counseling and coaching

Counseling and coaching are important parts of our program. Through the initial application and interview process, we will determine the best steps for each individual. All students will be required to have one session per week in addition to a monthly family session. Additional counseling and/or coaching will be on an agreed-upon basis.

Family Involvement

Family involvement is critical to the success of youth in the program. Being such, families will be involved with:

  • Three retreat weekends during the program, using the It's-a-Parent curriculum and family counseling sessions
  • Family counseling one time per month
  • Activities with increasing intensity during each of the four stages of the program

For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.