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— Pablo
The Envoy Group is please to include the 4Families Family Coaching program in its offerings for parents of troubled teens and young adults. 4Families offers a unique opportunity in therapeutic care by designing a mentoring and life-coaching program that includes both parents and their teens. Fashioned after the Intensive Outpatient Program approach offered by many hospitals and clinics, 4Families moves parent training and student mentoring into a more personalized realm, and intends for parents of struggling teens to intervene by focusing on changing their parenting style as their teen learns how to move toward a renewed sense of purpose and self-discipline. As a Therapeutic Placement Specialist assisting hundreds of Christian families having trouble with their kids, I believe it an important step for many who find a teen facing trouble, but not too far down the path of family dysfunction. It is a great first attempt at keeping a teen out of a longer-term treatment program with the added beneifit of working things out while a teen is still at home.
— Tamara Bolthouse, The Envoy Group