families who
need our program:

Because of today's constant press of potential temptations--from peer pressure at school to enticements of the internet at the push of a button--we know that there are many land mines that even great parents must navigate around in their efforts to encourage and empower each child. It is our opinion that no family is immune to the residue of bad choices that may trip up their youth. For this reason, it is our desire to come alongside the parents of youth. We have both the expertise and experience of raising a difficult child and can empathize with your situation.


Target families would be those who are having trouble with their youth, but are not ready to send him to a residential facility.

  • Understanding that it is not just their youth that needs to be "fixed"
  • Realization that there may be pitfalls in their parenting that can be adjusted to assist in the overall family's success
  • Being humble and willing to do what it takes to make changes in their own lives as parents

Typical student profile

Each youth will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

  • Diagnosis of a mental health behavior issue, such as ADHD, ADD, RAD, bipolar tendencies, and/or depressive disorders
  • Demonstrating self-harming behaviors, such as cutting
    • note that we will not work with youth who have attempted suicide or have suicidal tendencies, except in unique circumstances
  • School suspension or problems in school
  • Lack of interest in school, poor grades and/or behind in school work
  • Antisocial behavior at home and/or at school
  • Defiant, apathetic, and/or and disturbing behavior at home
  • Possible drug use
    • note that we will not work with a student who has a drug or alcohol addiction, except in unique circumstances
  • Increasingly disturbing obsession with video games, internet, or pornography
  • Legal troubles, such as conviction for misdemeanors or possible felony
    • note that we will only work with those youth where it appears that the felony behavior seems to be a one-time behavior
  • Pattern of negative behaviors

If you are ready to apply for our program, visit our application page or contact us for more information.