Kent and Karen Robson

Kent and his wife, Karen, have been married for 37 years and understand how pain can overwhelm relationships, even the most solid of marriages. They, too, have lived with the overwhelming pain of having a difficult child and know that it is only through great struggle and God's grace that their four adult children are now all walking with the Lord. The Robson's journey has given them empathy towards other families who need their expertise and encouragement. Karen and Kent were instrumental in developing It's-a-Parent: Lessons Learned Through the Trenches, and much of this program is based on experiences they have had in raising their own children. 

Kent and Karen enjoy residing in Nashville, Tennessee.


Kent is the co-founder and CEO of blue hedgehog productions, llc, a full-service support company for non-profit organizations, and the founder of 4Families, Inc. With thirty-plus years of experience managing ministries and non-profit organizations, Kent's expertise is specific to the areas of strategic planning and fund development.

Kent was previously the Executive Director of Salem4Youth in Flanagan, Illinois, which is a faith-based residential setting for young men who need encouragement and hope. Over the years, he saw families at their wit's end and desperate for help and hope, and Kent realized a need to develop a program that could come alongside families before the challenges of life got to the point of desperation. From this realization, 4Families was born in 2013.

Originally from Ohio and a graduate of Anderson University, Kent is an avid Ohio State Buckeye fan. He has run 10 marathons and is still working diligently on slowing down the aging process, though he has concluded that this is pretty much a lost cause. Kent enjoys singing and playing the guitar in his spare time, but his greatest joy is spending time with his wonderful grandchildren. 


Karen is the co-founder and President of blue hedgehog productions, llc and acts as encouragement and support to the families and staff of 4Families.

Karen has had over thirty years of experience in raising a family, which is an honorable and much-needed calling in today's fast-paced culture. Today, Karen and her husband, Kent, have four grown children (Kyle, Kel, Kathryn, and Kia) and three (and counting) grandchildren. Raising a family through the land mines of constant temptation is a daunting task and one that requires patience, consistency, and prayer. Karen has weathered the storms and has been rewarded with a legacy of God's blessings that will be alive for generations to come. This has been her singular calling in life.

Karen assists in with graphic design and other administrative functions for 4Families. Much of her time is spent overseeing their business, blue hedgehog productions, llc, a full-service support company for non-profit organizations.

Karen enjoys sewing and spending time with her grandkids. Originally from Indiana, Karen attended Anderson University, which is where she met Kent. She loves encouraging others through her gift of service.