Ken and janie garber

Early in their engagement, Janie and Ken decided that they wanted to give their lives away for the sake of others and since then, they have been serving in ministry together in various roles with adults and youth for the last 29 years. Two common things that are said about the Garbers is that they are deep lovers of people and bring a message of hope and restoration to all they meet. In their spiritual, personal, and professional roles, Ken and Janie help create vibrancy, authenticity, and wholeness in people’s lives, despite the challenges and situations people face that would dictate otherwise.

After many years of infertility, Ken and Janie became foster parents to five children and loved being able to nurture and pour into their lives. A few years later, while visiting a park in 2001, the Garbers met a 14-year-old named Mike, who they eventually were able to adopt as their own son. After graduating high school, Mike went on to serve our country for eight years as a United States Marine and today, he and his family live in Ohio. The greatest joy in life for Ken and Janie is to be able to live close enough to visit their three sweet grandchildren!

In mid-2014, the Garbers returned from a nine-month missions trip in Europe, where they served in churches in France, England, Germany, Wales, and Switzerland. Ken and Janie love being married for life, spending time with family and friends, going to Disneyland, and being adventurous in their journey together. They currently reside in the Nashville, Tennessee area.


A native of Southern California, Ken grew up in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles with his dad and three brothers. From a young boy, Ken loved playing competitive baseball and it was through one of his former teammates that he first went to church in his early 20s and gave his heart to Jesus. In 1985, Ken met the girl of his dreams, Janie, while they were serving with children at The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California. One year later, they were married and began a life full of serving in many various roles of ministry.

Ken is a licensed and ordained pastor, as well as a Registered Addiction Specialist and pastoral counselor. Ken’s own journey of healing has given him a passion to see people free and he is able to tackle difficult issues with compassion, clarity, and a confidence that there is a way to freedom for those who seek help.


Although Janie was raised in a Christian home, she made a decision in her mid-teens that she wanted to live life her own way and walked away from her faith. Upon graduating from high school, she moved to Los Angeles, California, and after years of drug and alcohol use, promiscuity and broken relationships, Janie was at her lowest point when she sought out healing in 1984 and turned her life completely around. Nineteen months later, she met Ken while volunteering together at Christmastime with the fourth and fifth grade children at their church and fell head over heals in love with him.

Janie knew at a young age that she loved helping people. Her adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit has led her to do many things in life, but she found her niche when she trained to be a Life Coach. Because of what God has done for her, she confidently walks into situations with people that have faced great hardship and struggles, knowing that He is the full Restorer of our souls. In addition to being a professional life coach, Janie is a licensed pastor and in the process of getting her certification as a health and wellness coach. She loves being an advocate for people of all ages and walks of life.