Our unique training and support program for families in crisis is based on our "Lessons Learned Through the Trenches" core curriculum and addresses critical issues such as:

  • The Parenting Problem: What are the important issues?
  • The Veteran Voice: What have other parents learned who have experienced the same problems?
  • Simple Step Solutions: What are the basic steps that may help the family address the problems?

It's-a-Parent was developed over a two-year period by parents who had experienced, or were still experiencing, difficulties with a prodigal child. This allowed us to create a program based on the unique perspectives from those who had real life experiences with topics we cover, such as:

  • Forgiveness: "Be the FACE of grace"
  • Anger: "Slow burn or big blaze"
  • Cycle of pain: "From tears to scars"
  • Discipline, not dictatorship: "Control should NEVER be the goal"
  • Parenting pitfalls: "What VOIDS to avoid"
  • Family etiquette: "From table talk to back talk"
  • Dad duties: "It's ALL about the Dad"
  • Parenting myths: "It's ALL a myth-tery"
  • Listening is everything: "ALWAYS take time to listen"
  • Share your passion: "Passions are God's gifts to you and your children"
  • Accepting our weaknesses: "Learn to be better"
  • Dealing with the problem: "Stop the avoidance"
  • Choose your battle is idle prattle: "It's NOT about the battle"
  • Time: "Quantity time and quality Time -- the ultimate investment"

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