It's-a-Parent was developed by parents who had experienced, or were still experiencing, difficulties with a prodigal child. This allowed the creation of a program based on the unique perspectives of those with real life experiences. 

Our parent program is available in conjunction with families who have a student enrolled in our youth program, and covers many critical issues, such as:

  • The Parenting Problem: Addressing the important issues the family is facing.
  • The Veteran Voice: Learning from other parents who have experienced the same difficulties and are on the other side.
  • Simple Step Solutions: Exploring the steps and resources that can help the family address problems.


Parent involvement is critical to the success of youth in our program. Being such, parents will be involved with:

  • Parent's Life Group: In conjunction with their student who is enrolled in our program, parents attend this group every other week. More information on dates and times can be found here.
  • Family sessions one time per month.
  • Activities with increasing intensity during each of the four stages of the program.
  • Weekend conferences will begin to be held in late 2016.


Counseling and coaching are important parts of our program. Through the initial application and interview process, we will determine the best steps for each student. All will be required to have one session per week in addition to a monthly family session. Additional counseling and/or coaching will be on an agreed-upon basis.




T.O.P. =
therapeutic. OUTREACH. PROGRAM.

Youth today are being pulled every which way, whether it be from peer pressure, societal pressure, or even parent pressure. Often, for them to do the "right thing" can mean going against the flow of the mainstream, and for many of them, this is a near impossibility.

for youth

The T.O.P. (Therapeutic Outreach Program) is a 3-4 month after-school/weekend program for young men and women ages 8-17 that is designed to a challenge a youth’s thinking and motivation. Our goal is to provide a structure of "opportunity" for each youth, which in turn helps them understand that there is a better path for their life. The T.O.P. is Therapeutic Based AND Christ Driven.

While in our program, each student is assigned a mentor, who will work closely with them throughout the duration.


The T.O.P consists of four unique stages:

  • Learner. The word "learn" means to acquire knowledge or skill. This first stage will be a key time in which the youth decides to move forward or not.
  • Livewire. The word "livewire" means energetic and alert. We encourage youth to be alert and ready to go before achieving this stage. 
  • Levitator. The word "levitator" means ascending to new heights. This is the stage that we expect change to become internalized, not just learned.
  • Leader. The word "leader" means to be in charge or in command. We expect youth in this stage to be leading their peers and in command of their own behavior.

Moving to the next stage is a big achievement and a time of celebration for each youth and their family. Mentors will be involved in these celebratory times as well. We believe that seeing times of victory helps other youth in the program desire to move forward in their lives as well.


If you are interested in applying for our program, the first step is to fill out our Inquiry FormOne of our admissions team will contact you to assess if our program would be a good fit for your family and answer any questions you may have.

The second step, an intensive interview process for the family and student, will determine eligibility for the program. Realizing that we are not able to help everyone, we are particularly looking for youth who:

  • Recognize that they are in need of help and/or have a desire to change
  • Accept being in the program, (even if begrudgingly at first)

Being accepted into our program is a privilege. Although bad behavior is something we address, we will not tolerate any youth bringing continued disruption to the program and other students. We reserve the right to dismiss a student for such behavior and will work with the family to help recommend next steps for them.

Please contact us with any questions you have and we'll be happy to help you.