Family blueprint PlanS

A Family Plan is a blueprint for change in the family.

We work with parents to develop a plan, make recommendations regarding services that are needed; and connect them with those services; write the plan; and be present as the family presents it to court or to others involved in their case. Throughout their process, we are able to provide a layer of accountability until the plan is completed.

We desire to work with those who realize the need for change and will do what it takes to get the job done. 


Parent training

We have developed a program called It’s-a-Parent, which was created as a result of many conversations with families in crisis and discovering what they would do differently.

If families have a youth involved in the mentoring, this parent training is included in the cost of the program. We can also offer the complete parent training as a conference or present each of the program topics separately as workshops or small group classes. 



We help families determine what they need and make recommendations, if needed, regarding therapists, counselors, and/or residential programs.

4Families works extensively with The Envoy Group, a national company who has vetted many organizations around the country. As consultants, we spend time with the youth and their families to get to know them and in turn, are able to assess their family system and provide tools and resources as needed, as well as to help create a Family Blueprint Plan; attend crucial meetings with attorneys and other professionals; be present in court; recommend other professionals as needed; and a variety of other crucial services. 




We have a list of exceptional professionals we recommend whom we have worked with throughout the years.

All therapists we refer to understand the Triage Effect and are able to access the degree of the urgency for the families who are in an emergency situation and need help quickly. Our goal is to respond to the family in crisis within 24 hours. 



Life coaching is a thought-provoking and creative life-changing process.

Distinct from traditional therapy, life coaching focuses on where a person presently is in their life and partners with the individual to help propel them forward by setting goals, creating outcomes, and managing personal change. 


Youth mentoring

Our youth mentoring program, The R.A.W. Initiative, is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2015 quarter.

While the youth still live at home during our program, we come alongside the family in hopes we can redirect and bring the change needed. 



Is your marriage needing rehab? Do you worry that there may be no hope left for you and your spouse? Are you in need of new tools in your marriage?

Using Prepare/Enrich, an amazing core relationship assessment tool, your strength and growth areas as a couple are identified and the needed tools and coaching are given to you to improve your relationship skills over 12 weekly or bi-weekly sessions .