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Tamara Bolthouse | The envoy group
Therapeutic Boarding School
Placement Specialist 

The Envoy Group is please to include the 4Families  program in its offerings for parents of troubled teens and young adults.  4Families offers a unique opportunity in therapeutic care by designing a mentoring and life-coaching program that includes both parents and their teens. Fashioned after the Intensive Outpatient Program approach offered by many hospitals and clinics, 4Families moves parent training and student mentoring into a more personalized realm, and intends for parents of struggling teens to intervene by focusing on changing their parenting style as their teen learns how to move toward a renewed sense of purpose and self-discipline. 
As a Therapeutic Placement Specialist assisting hundreds of Christian families having trouble with their kids, I believe it an important step for many who find a teen facing trouble, but not too far down the path of family dysfunction. 4Families is a great first attempt at keeping a teen out of a longer-term treatment program with the added benefit of working things out while a teen is still at home.

duane ward
Premiere international
founder and ceo

I was introduced to Kent Robson through a mutual-friend, and I believe it was providential that we met, when we met. I was aware of a family dealing with a troubled teen at the time, and was able to introduce Kent to them, and then I was able to observe his giftings as he lead them through this tough chapter - and they found help for their teenager. He was a God-send to that family, as he has been for hundreds of others over the past years. I have spoken with other leaders in the field of Christian boarding school programs, and they have the highest regard for Kent. 
Obviously, I am delighted that he has moved to Middle Tennessee to launch the 4Families program, and I know that his passion for helping teens through this difficult passage of life will produce great results for families here and around the country. May God continue to bless the life and ministry of my friend, Kent Robson.